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Lead Pastors, Robert and Wendy Burbatt

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Robert Burbatt
Lead Pastor

Robert Burbatt was born into a non-Christian home. It wasn’t until his sophomore year in high school seeing the power of God bring freedom and restoration to family members he surrendered his life to Jesus. After graduating from Spirit Life Bible College he served for several years ministering throughout southeast Asia strengthening churches of various denominations as well as establishing local churches and bible colleges. He currently serves with his beautiful wife Wendy as lead pastors for Freedom House, serves as founder of Freedom House Church Internship as well as serves on the Board for the Pacwest Network-IPHC.

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Wendy Burbatt
Lead Pastor

Wendy Burbatt grew up in the Pacific Northwest, a granddaughter of a Free Methodist minister. After graduating from college, Wendy left for Southern California to complete her internship in dietetics. During this intense training season her emotional and physical health declined, she prayed to God to help her and made a vow, if He answered, “I will follow you wherever you go”. Wendy’s life took a drastic turn after that prayer. God immediately answered and never again did she suffer from depression nor the illness that plagued her. In 2002 Wendy and Robert married and traveled throughout South East Asia ministering. She currently serves as the Praise and Worship director, instructor in FHCI and is serving on the Board for the Womens ministry for the Pacwest Network – IPHC.

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Shelly Grever
Executive Pastor

Over the past ten years Shelly Grever has had the privilege of traveling in over 15 nations bringing the message of hope and liberation that is found in Christ. She has and continues to labor extensively in Mongolia, which 25 years ago Christianity was non-existent. She led the first ‘leadership and ministry training’ Bible College in Mongolia, out of which has come numerous missionaries, church planters, pastors and leaders all of whom labor throughout Mongolia and abroad. 

In 2006 Shelly and her team successfully placed the College into Mongolian leadership and it continues to thrive today. Shortly after that transition, she was asked to join the staff of Lifeway College in New Zealand to assist with the internal audit of the school of ministry and several other projects. At the end of her season in New Zealand, Shelly returned to the states and joined FHC in 2008. Her passionate messages and candid approach inspires people from all walks of life to embrace the promises that Christ has provided for us!

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Gabe Madrigal
Multi Media | IT Director

Gabe Madrigal came out of the high tech industry and has devoted his skills and talent to serving God and His people. Gabe graduated from Heald College in 2001 majoring in Computer Business Administration. He has held various positions in business and accounting but his natural draw always seems to lead him back to the technology and electronics field. Gabe has been a member of Freedom House since its foundation. He currently leads the Watsonville Connect group and is actively teaching and providing support for Freedom House Church Internship. One key signature of Gabe is to find joy in anything he is doing, regardless of the environment or circumstances. 



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Events/Connect Lead


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Internship Admin/Connect Lead


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